May Blog - Contemporary Style Vs Country Chic

We usually find ourselves falling into one of two categories when it comes to our personal preferences of interior design, we are either a fan of contemporary style, or we are a fan of country chic, occasionally there’s a crossover, but most often we are drawn to a specific genre.

Contemporary style interior

Yes, there are many different variations that can fall under the banner of both contemporary and country, so let’s not just assume that contemporary is all about vast open spaces and country is all about a dinky cottage style design, there are plenty of unique designs out there that would make your contemporary house look cottagey, and vice versa. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can’t mix the two, if you do it properly your style will standout above the rest.

Contemporary Style

Clean lines are seriously contemporary, with sharp edges or circular flowing curves on kitchen units, staircases, banisters, blinds, and dining tables. Edges are more noticeable in contemporary designs as there is usually plenty of open space from where to view corner units, long dining tables, and kitchen islands.

Glass and metal are the go to hard-wearing sustainable choices for contemporary living, with glass-walled walk-in showers in the bathroom or in the wet room, both prominent this season.

Metal and mirrored tables and drawers for the living space, hallway and bedrooms are excellent for storage, as storage is key to a successful contemporary home.

Kitchens are utilitarian with metal work surfaces and cupboard doors, which help to reflect light throughout an open planned space. Polished concrete floors are another popular trend.

Sustainability is a key element for a contemporary home this season, with eco-conscious homeowners using ground source heat pumps and solar panels in their designs.

This season also sees textured walls and textured wallpapers make an appearance in contemporary interior design alongside natural fabrics and reclaimed furniture.

Furniture is unusual in design and structure, like the ‘Masters Chair’ by Kartell, or the ultra stylish simply designed chaise longue, or the structured modular sofas, all of which fit the contemporary design box perfectly.

Minimal and Scandinavian interiors are excellent contemporary options as they both fit the ‘less-is-more’ style of home, where there is no clutter to be found. Even the storage is cleverly incorporated into the design of a contemporary home.

Mirrors and art are big in a contemporary home, nothing fancy, just clean lines, bold colours, and vast in size. A large mirror or big piece of art is usually the main piece of décor or accessory in a living space, thus giving a wow factor to an open space.

Country Chic

Florals and patterns are synonymous with country style and country chic interiors, from as far back as the 1800s when decorating a large country estate home with floral wallpaper produced in and shipped from France was a sign of serious wealth, to the more recent vintage wallpapers in contemporary colours by ‘Cole & Sons’ which adorn cottages, farm houses, terraced houses, and semi’s across the UK today. Not forgetting that terracotta colours and shades are back in fashion for 2019, meaning that many country homes have probably come full circle in design.

Traditional furniture is a definite for a country interior, from the stunningly designed Chesterfield sofas and the Harris Tweed chairs, to the small farmhouse kitchen wooden tables and benches, which are renowned for family meals and simple country living.

Mismatched crockery is very 2019, with floral, patterned, and animal designs taking centre stage on coffee and lunch tables around the UK.  You can easily find mismatched crockery from Amara, Made, Wayfair, John Lewis and more if you search online or in-store. So, don’t think your dinner service must have matching plates, mix it up a little and go country chic.

Drapes and curtains have always been around for country interiors, they add warmth, depth and a sense of cosiness to a room, and they are still around for this season: they may have ruffles, cords, or a fringe in 2019 – but they look absolutely fabulous in a country setting. And don’t forget throws are used all around the country home: cashmere and wool are the go to choices for bedrooms, living rooms, and snugs.

Feature walls are ideal for any kind of interior design, and they are perfect for a country chic style. From a kitchen wall featuring a game bird design, to a living room with intense florals, a feature wall is a unique statement.

A country home isn’t complete without plenty of lamps, table linen, and trinkets dotted around.

If you are looking to revamp your home, or to boldly redesign from contemporary style to country chic just let us know and our team will be able to help, simply contact Eyecandy Interior Design via email, through our website or via mobile:

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