January Blog – 2019 Interiors Trends

This year’s predictions and trends for interior design is colourful, patterned, fringed, and sustainable.


The pantone colour of the year for 2019 is living coral, which is a coral hue with golden undertones. This colour shouts vibrancy, elegance, understated chic, warmth and comfort.

Living coral can be found in bedrooms where contemporary striped bedding or floral country-style cushions and throws are making a subtle statement. Even lampshades are taking a coral undertone, with a nod towards the warmth and nourishment of peachy-orange.

Keeping within the realms of coral colours, and Dulux have announced that their colour of the year is spiced honey, which is a warm golden amber tone, and is taking living room walls by storm. This is a versatile honey colour, bringing calmness or vibrancy to walls depending on what other interiors are sharing the living space.

Other predictions for the coming year on the colour wheel are delicate blush, dusty pink (a huge favourite in 2018) and bronze, all are warming with a slightly feminine tone.

Living Coral, Colour of the Year 2019

Fabric and Texture

Feel good fabrics that are long-lasting, versatile, and sustainable are a big thing this year. From tub chairs to curved sofas, and four-poster beds to velvet and linen bedding, 2019 is the year for fabrics and textures.

We are definitely going to be seeing an increase in velvet around the home, with more and more people investing in velvet sofas as they are luxurious, comforting, elegant, and seriously durable. In some cases velvet chairs are making a statement in the bedroom and even in the kid’s playroom?

Bedding is one of those interiors we are happy to change annually, and 2019 is the year for making extreme changes from our usual bedding style to new-intense velvet or delicate stonewashed linen.

Mix and Match

There will be less co-ordination and more mix and match throughout the year, from quirky animal shaped lamps to heavy fringing adorning sofas, throws, and lampshades, it’s a mix of unusual patterns that have the potential to clash, but if done correctly will become iconic styles of the future.

Mix & Match interior design 2019

Trims and tassels, bullion fringe, braiding and tie-backs have all returned with a bang and are fully on-trend. Known as ‘passamenterie’ this style makes a return every few years, mainly when minimal paired-down style has been by-passed by exuberance and statement in the home.

Bathroom & Kitchen

These rooms are reaching new heights with design style for 2019, with Crittall doors and partitions becoming the latest trend in both bathroom and kitchen partitions. Used to separate the bedroom from the en suite, a Crittall partition means that a wall doesn’t need to be built, giving the feeling of bedroom and bathroom being one.

Kitchen interior design ideas 2019

From a kitchen perspective Crittall partitions are used to separate an otherwise large open-plan space. And, kitchens are not only sporting these windows, but they are taking bold moves with the traditional plain splashback becoming patterned and bold, equally coloured ovens are now a big part of a kitchen statement.

Bathrooms are going back-to-basics with a concrete wall or floor or a black look, they are becoming textured with fish scale tiles, or shell tiles. Everything is turning urban contemporary bathroom-wise.

Bathroom interior design ideas 2019

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