December Blog - Moving House or Moving Business

This month we are focussing on the big move, whether you are just about to move house or whether you are relocating your business, is there ever a good time to relocate?

We are in the middle of a big move with Eyecandy Interior Design, we are relocating from Huddersfield to Halifax, and the exciting bit is once the move has completed there will be chance to redesign the interior of our new studio and office space, meaning that this seasons interior design statements will be making an appearance at our new showroom.

There are obvious times when you know it’s a necessity to move and relocate, including:


  • More space. If your family has grown, it’s highly possible that you need something a little bigger.
  • Downsizing your home. If your children have left the nest and aren’t likely to return home, this is the perfect time to downsize.
  • Job requirement. If your job dictates where you live, you may need to move home numerous times over the years.
  • Elderly relatives. You may want to be closer to your elderly relatives, so moving home becomes a real option.
  • You just know. There comes a time when you just know that the time is right to move house, and you should jump at it.


  • Business growth. If your business has grown quickly, you are probably going to want to relocate.
  • New site. If a new business estate is built or a new business hub you may want to be in the heart of it, ideal for business collaborations.
  • Company owner relocation. If the owner relocates personally they may need to take the business with them, so the whole company will potentially relocate.

All of these options are totally viable, and should take into consideration what you new style of interior will be. You may want to keep the same style as your previous property, or you may want to stand out from the crowd and go for a seasonal design style, one that is wow factor, or contemporary, or vintage. This is your time to shine, so take the opportunity to talk with an interior designer and set some time aside to discuss styles and options.

The team at Eyecandy Interior Design are always available for a private meeting to talk through your requirements. Check the website for inspiration, or contact Emma directly she’s always happy to talk interiors.
And don’t forget, we are still here, just no longer in Huddersfield. Our new Halifax showroom will be available for bespoke one-on-one personal interior design appointments.

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